Nagoya Story 2 – Kisenosato Struggling To Recover


Torn Pectoral Muscle Continues To Impact Performance

In preparations for the Nagoya basho, which is now just days from now, rikishi across the world of sumo are training hard and sparing multiple times a day. One of the more important actives is know as “degeiko” – or the practice of sumotori from associated sables to gather and cross train against each other.

In a session Sunday, Kisenosato and the rikishi from Tagonoura were sparring with rikishi the Nishonoseki Ichimon, including Oguruma heya. Of specific interest were his bouts against Yoshikaze and Tamawashi, Kotoshogiku. It would seem that during these bouts (in specific, against Yoshikaze), Kisenosato may have re-injured his left arm and pectoral muscle.

As stated in the past, a pectoral muscle tear almost never heals without surgery. Meanwhile Tagonoura is keeping tight lipped about the Yokozuna’s condition, but he missed degeiko with the ichimon today, and stayed home to “rest”. Some are starting to talk of him being kyujo for Nagoya, which would be another huge blow for sumo fans world wide.

One thought on “Nagoya Story 2 – Kisenosato Struggling To Recover

  1. I agree with everyone who said he should have been kyujo to begin with. Putting matters of pride and honor to one side, medically, physically and in terms of future competition it would have been the correct thing to do.

    Obviously a re-injury can occur at any time without surgery but in another two months, heading into September he’d be in stronger position to avoid it. I just hope this doesn’t send him back to square one.


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