Hakuho Yusho!


Tournament Win #38 For “The Boss”

In day 14 action from Tokyo, Yokozuna Hakuho clinched his 38th yusho (tournament win) Saturday by defeating injured Ozeki Terunofuji. A couple of notables from the bout: Terunofuji gave Hakauho more of a fight than nearly anyone else has this basho, in spite of the fact that he has only one good leg. Hakuho gave Terunofuji a little extra shove after the match was over, the first time we have seen Hakuho do that in a while. It was curious as Hakuho had already “applied the breaks” to keep Terunofuji from going off the dohyo as a result of Hakuho’s winning yorikiri.

As someone who has admired Hakuho’s sumo, his history, and his showmanship, I find it magical that we get to see him fight at his natural level again. For today, he seems free of any limiting injuries, and comfortable once again on the dohyo.

Congratulations to The Boss, and we cheer him on towards the final meaningful record that does not yet bear his name – the total career wins. We hope to see him smash that record in July.

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