Natsu Day 1 – The Line


Thousands Try For “Day Of” Tickets

The Kisenosato effect is still going strong.  This morning at the Kokugikan, your jet-lagged author was up wandering around, and spied a growing line of folks hoping to score coveted day-of tickets reserved from the onslaught that cleared out the Kokugikan in under an hour when tickets went on sale. The line was massive, and stretched from the front of the venue, down to the nearby Edo Museum.

Since Kisenosato’s promotion to Yokozuna, the interest in sumo has been through the roof. After not being able to buy tickets outright, fans have resorted to camping overnight in the Ryogoku station parking lot (saw it myself). I sincerely hope that many of these dedicated sumo fans can score tickets.

Early Match.JPG

Also, a small crowd of lower-ranked men waiting to go inside and dress for what I am assuming is Mae-zumo.


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