Takayasu Recovers, Defeats Takarafuji

Bout Included Mawashi Malfunction

On day 14, Takayasu racked up his 11th with, an important addition for his quest to win promotion to Ozeki. The match featured a solid display of yotsu-zumō, but was halted by the Gyoji, as Takarafuji’s mawashi threatened to come un-done mid battle. As shown in earlier posts, the Gyoji stops the match, throws his gumbai over his shoulder and re-ties the offending garment.

This 11th win matters a great deal for Takayasu, as it means that he was able to set his disappointment over his day 11 loss aside, and overcome whatever worries he has for his friend Kisenosato and focus on his sumo, which he did well today. Sadly this victory gave Takarafuji his make-koshi, and he will face a small rank demotion for May. Takayasu will need at least 11 wins in May to secure Ozeki, and we think that if he stays focused and healthy, that goal is in reach.

Video thanks to Jason’s All Sumo Channel on YouTube, which is a Tachiai mainstay. Feel free to hit his tip jar, too!

5 thoughts on “Takayasu Recovers, Defeats Takarafuji

      • Thanks for fixing that. Danger of getting up early to watch sumo and then typing before getting your wits together.

        • I’ve been dying because my connection to the live feed has been terrible. I get like 5 sec of action followed by 10-15 seconds of buffering. Been relying on Twitter videos. I’m jealous that you’ll be there. Be warned, I will have many suggestions of places to go.


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