Takarafuji Defeats Kotoshogiku


Ozeki Revival Campaign At The Breaking Point

On day 12, de-frocked Ozeki (now Sekiwake) Kotoshogiku lost his match with Maegashira 3 Takarafuji. With his fifth loss this basho, Kotoshogiku must win all 3 remaining bouts to earn back his Ozeki rank. At this point, it’s clear that he does not have the strength and stamina to serve as a Ozeki. While I adore Kotoshogkiku, and respect everything he has brought to sumo, there should be no concession given to try and accommodate his return to rank. Sadly, as of day 12, Kotoshogiku has not even yet secured his kachi-koshi.

Oddly enough, early in the basho he defeated both Yokozuna in fairly straight-up matches, but is now losing to much lower ranked rikishi. It’s clear that whatever chronic injuries ore problems have robbed Kotoshogiku of his Ozeki vigor and might have re-attacked him.

5 thoughts on “Takarafuji Defeats Kotoshogiku

  1. Takara was technical against giku. He denied grip on the mawashi on both sides. Giku has no other Arsenal except hug n chug. I still dont forgive him from attempting a henka from ikioi

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    • With no pressure on Terunofuji for this yusho, Giku may scrape by. Now all of the Yokozunas are <100%, Goeido's down, Terunofuji may be it at Ozeki for a while…unless Giku comes back.


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