Wakaichiro’s Returns Day 12


6th Bout – Faces Veteran Burinosato

With his winning record secure, American sumotori Wakaichiro (若一郎) is preparing for his 6th match of the Haru basho. Early in the day Thursday, he will face Burinosato, a rikishi from the Kasugano heya, which is home to notables such as Aoiyama, Tochiozan and Tochinoshin.

Burinosato has been in Sumo since 2001, and has been ranked as high as Sandanme, before injury or absence pushed him back down to Jonokuchi. His current record, prior to his match with Wakaichiro, is 4-1. Clearly this will be a match between a new rikishi, and a veteran, and could present a real challenge to Wakaichiro.

As always, Tachiai will strive to bring you news of his match as soon as possible, and video once we find it.

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