Haru Day 11 Preview


Opening The Third Act

The third act of any basho is where dreams are crushed, the heroes are crowned, and legends are made. The 2017 Haru basho has progressed in new an exceptional ways, but with the final 5 days in front of us, it’s time to truly test those who vie for the Emperor’s Cup, and bring about a winner.

First and foremost, of course, is the remarkable performance of Kisenosato and Takayasu. They complete the firs 10 days of Haru undefeated. In fact, they seem to be able to shake of normal threats such as the day 10 Takanoiwa henka, and the several times that Kisenosato allowed his opponent to gain a brief, fleeting advantage. Unless something strange happens, one of these men will take the Yusho on Sunday. That something strange would be both Kisenosato and Takayasu losing at least once. The only rikishi that can catch them is the resurgant Terunofuji, who looms like a menacing storm front, one win behind the leaders. While Tochiozan has been going strong, he would be unlikely be able to beat all / any of the other three sekitori.

That’s not to say that the schedulers are going to let either Takayasu or Kisenosato have an easy road to yusuf. In fact I expect it will be as brutal as they can make it, in spite of the fact that most of the formidable opponents have been defeated already.

The next question, which many of our readers are starting to ask – Kotoshogiku. He needs three more wins to reclaim his Ozeki rank. He has certainly put on a remarkable performance in Osaka, and some would say he has already earned his way back. But those 3 wins are in part down to scheduling. They could have him face easy wins for the last 5 days, or they can have him face spoilers. Ringers include rikishi like Ikioi (who are excellent, but having a bad basho) and spoilers would include rikishi like Yoshikaze, who can flatten anyone on the right day.

Note, unless the leaders drop matches, there is no Chasers group now. Both Kakuryu and Chiyoshoma lost their day 10 bouts, and are now 3 losses off the pace.

Haru Leader board

LeadersKisenosato, Takayasu
Hunt Group – Terunofuji, Tochiozan

5 Matches Remain

Matches We Like

Ura vs Kyokushuho – Era is still pushing to get 8 wins, where a loss by Kyokushuho would put him clearly in Make-koshi. They only gave one prior match, which Ura won.

Ishiura vs Kotoyuki – Kotoyuki, who has been a pretty solid rikishi in the past, secured his Make-koshi already, and is going to sink down the banzuke for May. Ishiura is pushing for 3 more wins to hold rank. This will be their first match.

Daishomaru vs Chiyoshoma – Chiyoshoma has been turning in a solid performance this basho, and is one win away from Kachi-koshi. For some reason they sent him down to rough up Maegashira 13 Diashomaru. They two have even split their 4 prior matches.

Chiyonokuni vs Tochiozan – Great test match to see if Tochiozan is strong enough to match higher up the banzuke. Having already secured his Kachi-koshi, the NSK is likely seeing how high they can safely rank him in May. Chiyonokuni has been fighting with strength and skill this March, and needs one more win to secure his rank.

Kaisei vs Hokutofuji – Hokutofuji is a fascinating story. He has yet to have a losing record in any of his tournaments. After a really weak start, it looked like he was going to have to swallow his first Make-koshi. But he has battled back with determination, refusing defeat at every turn. He has a tough path though, requiring 4 wins of his next 5 matches.

Kotoshogiku vs Ikioi – Ikioi is a solid rikishi, but Maegashira 1 is a crappy slot in the banzuke, and it usually leaves the rikishi defeated and demoralized. This should be an easy win for Kotoshogiku, who must win 3 of the next 5 to secure his return to Ozeki. Kotoshogiku has won 7 of their 11 prior matches

Arawashi vs Terunofuji – Roadkill. Terunofuji stays one behind.

Harumafuji vs Mitakeumi – Mitakeumi cannot be discounted, especially when “The Horse” is playing hurt. My gut tells me Harumafuji takes this one, but Mitakeumi puts up a great fight.

Takayasu vs Kakuryu – Crucible day for Takayasu’s yusho hopes. Takayasu has won 5 of the 16 prior matches with Kakuryu, or you can think of it as Kakuryu wins twice for every 1 of Takayasu. Kakuryu is fast, smart and inventive. This will be a tough match for Takayasu.

Yoshikaze vs Kisenosato – Yoshikaze overcame Kakuryu on day 10, and he is no slouch. If he defeats Kisenosato, it would be kinboshi #8, which would time him with Aminishiki for top kinboshi count among active rikishi. But then again, whatever Kami has taken up residence in Kisenosato’s tsuna seem to be indomitable, and it’s possible that 12 men armed with Louisville sluggers would be unable to defeat him.

13 thoughts on “Haru Day 11 Preview

      • So I am guessing the NSK would love to get one loss on both Kisenosato and Takayasu, so that with 2 or 3 days to go Terunofuji is threatening to take the cup. The next chance is tomorrow when the unbeaten duo get Yoshikaze and Kakuryu.

        Remember Kisenosato will finish the basho fighting Harumafuji and Kakuryu. So the question is around day 12 and 13.

        Takayasu will probably get Harumafuji day 12, and Tamawashi sometime after.I would guess he also faces Takarafuji and Hokotofuji.

        Takayasu’s biggest risk are the Ozeki, Kiseonsato’s risk is someone like Yoshikaze.

        I think Kisenosato takes the Yusho with 14-1, Japan goes wild, with Takayasu at 13-2.

        • Also thanks for the hugely helpful guide on how the fixtures pan out towards the end of the basho! There are so many interesting intricacies to sumo

  1. I can see someone like Yoshikaze could well over exert himself against Kisenosato and will lose by hatakikomi or some other similar kimarite, with Kisenosato using his strong defence after Yoshikaze comes strong out the tachiai.

    I’m struggling to see past Takayasu and Kisenosato both going to 15-0 at the moment, with Kisenosato maybe/hopefully winning that. I’m not really seeing any real weaknesses in Takayasu at the moment? He’s dealing well with the unexpected too eg the henka tried by Takanoiwa today.

    Of course there’s always the chance Tochiozan somehow manages to pull this out the bag 14-1…

    • Yes, agreed. But it would conform to the Yokozuna weakness concept. But I think Takayasu gets his first and maybe only loss tomorrow.

  2. Haha, these previews are funny, very good! Almost as funny as the “I am worried” Takayasu videos from January — I’d sure like to see more of those, I don’t know who made them though?

    Go Kotoshogiku!

    • So Kintamayama made those excellent videos, and he has still more of them. They are on his YouTube channel, which is a constant fixture of the Tachiai crew, along with Jason’s All Sumo Channel. We are trying to find a good widget / plug into to drop that content into a sidebar on the blog.

      Thanks much for the kind words.

      • Thanks, does NHK allow him to grab the videos? Or are they an NHK feed?

        Also, is there any way to get an icon for my name when I post in the Tachiai blog, to replace the standard red “X”, without having to create a WordPress account? Thanks.

        • Yeah, you can use Gravitar to associate an image with your WordPress persona. That’s how I got that big sumo cat for myself.

          As far as the feed, I am not sure where Kintamayama gets all of his video, I am just glad he does!


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