Goeido Withdraws From Haru


As reported on the NSK official web site, Ozeki Goeido has withdrawn from the March tournament in Osaka. This development should surprise no one, as Goeido was recovering form orthopedic surgery, and had only practiced for four days prior to the start of the basho. Frankly, he was putting his health and future at risk by trying to compete.

As reported in the Japanese sumo press: “about five weeks of treatment with right leg joint lateral ligament injury”

It has been obvious over the past few days that Goeido could not put power to ground through his damaged and re-constructed ankle. Tachiai is grateful that Goeido decided to withdraw before anything horrific took place on the dohyo, and we hope to see him back in action once he is fully recovered.

One thought on “Goeido Withdraws From Haru

  1. I really hope he didn’t make the injury worse over the past few days. Participating in this basho did not keep him from going kadoban.


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