Wakaichiro Loses Second Bout

Falls To Day 3 Competitor

Early in the morning of Tuesday March 14th, American sumotori faced Ougiryu in his second bout of the Haru tournament. Tachiai pointed out earlier that Ougiryu had quite a bit of experince over the last 7 years floating around the lower two divisions, and it showed. First and foremost, he was able to draw Wakaichiro into an premature tachiai. Such irregularities always rattle a competitor’s concetration, as now they are focused on that event rather than their plan for the match.

The match featured some decent grappling to start, but after an attempted throw, Ougiryu was able to get behind Wakaichiro and force him out (okuridashi).

A reminder to fans, Wakaichiro has five more bouts spread over the rest of the March tournament. Tachiai will continue to cover his efforts to win his way up to the next division.

4 thoughts on “Wakaichiro Loses Second Bout

  1. This goes under the heading of “live and learn”. I have noticed he’s jumped the gun in other bouts, so he needs to practice that and get some patience I think.

    • It’s fun to watch is more experienced opponent, Ougiryu, linger in the tachiai crouch waiting for him to jump first. This is a great way to psych out an opponent, as the false start will throw most rikishi off their battle plan. A great lesson for Wakaichiro.

  2. Totally agree, Sumoshimi. That comes with more experience. He’s so amped-up and firing on all cylinders! I’m sure his Oyakata, the great Musashimaru, will eventually settled him down.


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