Haru Story 7 – Wakaichiro’s Second Basho


Texas Sumotori Returns Stronger And Ready To Fight.

Tachiai readers know that we are firm supporters of the young rikishi from Texas, Ichirio Young who fights for the Musashigawa-beya, with the shikona Wakaichiro (若一郎)

His first full basho was the Hatsu tournament in Tokyo, where he finished with a respectable 3-4 record (Jonokuchi only fight 7 bouts in a basho), and is ranked Jonokuchi 5 up from Jonokuchi 17 for Haru.

The Tachiai team are expecting to see a stronger, more confident Wakaichiro in Osaka, and there is a good chance he may promote out of Jonokuchi if he can secure a winning record.

As always, we will strive to bring you video of Wakaichiro’s bouts as soon as we can find them on the web.

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