Haru Day 1 Torikumi Is Posted!


First Day Matches Start The Basho Right

You can see them yourself here!

Things that catch my eye right away:

  • Ura faces Sadanoumi in an early test of Ura’s resolve
  • Ichinojo vs Aoiyama in a battle of the giants.
  • Takayasu faces Shohozan in a brawl of Kisenosato’s retainers
  • Demon Slayer Takanoiwa challenges Tamawashi
  • Kisenosato has to overcome henka king Takekaze
  • Kotoshogiku’s first test is against Harumafuji

Tachiai’s wall to wall coverage starts now!

8 thoughts on “Haru Day 1 Torikumi Is Posted!

  1. Kaisei is injured and misses the start: looks like that training session with Hakuho did some real damage. A quick glance at his record suggests that this is the first time he has ever missed a bout with injury. Let’s hope it’s just a temporary thing and he can come back later in the basho.

    • You’re right. Harumafuji will need to come out strong to silence the critics. It will be an interesting match that should give us an early indication of the health and conditioning of both wrestlers. Definitely one to watch.

  2. I really think Mitakeumi can get an early yokozuna win over Kakuryu on day one!

    Question – how do they decide the fixtures after the early days of the basho? For instance, I noticed in January that lower ranked Maegashira were facing rikishi like Kisenosato etc

    • Great question. I’ll check around to see if I can get anything more precise. I just know the Y and O ranks get an “easy” first week facing S, K, and upper M ranks (minus heya-mates).

      This first day will be YUGE.


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