Hatsu Basho Day 15 Preview


Thus Ends A Great Tournament

It’s been a great two weeks of sumo, and this basho has been an exciting departure from the prior tournaments. After years of effort, Kisenosato has finally won a tournament. There is rampant speculation in the Japanese press that he is also going to undergo serious consideration for promotion to Yokozuna shortly after the tournament concludes on Sunday. This is typically the time that such deliberations take place given the cost and complexity of setting up all of the accessories and materials needed for life as a Yokozuna.

There a several rikishi who have one more chance to secure their winning record and stave off demotion, this includes – Kaisei, Chiyoo, Chiyoshoma, Sadanoumi. Yoshikaze and Endo. Interestingly enough, Chiyoshoma and Sadanoumi will fight each other. There can be only one!

There really is only one bout with gravity on day 15, the match between Hakuho and Kisenosato. As Kisenosato has already won the Yusho for the Hatsubasho, this bout is largely symbolic. But keep in mind Hakuho needs to tally wins in his attempt to break the all time win record this year, and Kisenosato wants his Yusho win record as high as possible for Yokozuna promotion consideration. But men will likely give it full throttle.

Other Notable Matches

Takanoiwa vs Sokokurai – Both Maegashira 10’s turned in incredible 11-3 records up to today, the winner will go an incredible 12-3, which in some past bashes has been enough to win.

Chiyonokuni vs Mitakeumi – Great performance from Chiyonokuni, and a win here will send him into double digit wins. Mitakeumi wants to get o 11 wins to stake his claim to a Sanyaku slot for March.

Takayasu vs Endo – Endo wants his kachi-koshi, and needs one more win. Takayasu wants 11 wins to re-start his Ozeki bid in March. Takayasu was not on his sumo day 14, and Endo is not going to let any mistake go unexploited.

Juryo – It’s down to 11-3 Ura and Daieisho, both of which are likely to be promoted to Makuuchi in March, but both want the Yusho for Hatsu Juryo

11 thoughts on “Hatsu Basho Day 15 Preview

    • It will be bizarre. I think Terunofuji will cling to his rank with a wink and a nod. If Kotoshogiku regains his ozeki status, I’ll be stunned. It is hopeful to see a few guys starting ozeki runs. Ozeki Takayasu, anyone?

    • The last time we had more yokozuna than ozeki was July 2017 before Goeido’s (somewhat hurried and also controversial) promotion. The last time we had four Yokozuna was late 1999/early 2000 with the Hana brothers, Akebono and Musashimaru. Injuries were a huge issue back then, too. Injury issues were big during that time. All four started the Aki 1999 tournament but Akebono and Takanohana withdrew during the first week, Wakanohana went makekoshi and sat out the next two tournaments before retiring during the March 2000 basho after four losses in the first five bouts.

      Interesting fact: That tournament, Takatoriki won the Yusho from the bottom of the banzuke at the rank of Maegashira #14. I’m calling a Tochiozan yusho in March! There will be a lot of pressure on Harumafuji and Kakuryu to compete and perform. My guess is any kyujo tournaments will bring calls for retirement.

      • Tochiôzan yusho? I think Myogiryû yusho! I really liked them very much but now these 2 rikishi are a real mystery to me!

          • If I remember correctly, Myogiryû has broken cartilage pieces in his ankle which are quite painful. But I don’t understand where Tochiôzan is hurt. At all. And I’m searching since Kyûshû basho…

            • Like jimmy posted on a different post, I’m curious about Kisenosato’s training and how it avoids injury. I need to find that article and translate it.

  1. I just saw that Tochiôzan has received the Fighting Spirit prize (kantô-chô) after 41st Grand Tournament!!! Where there’s life there’s hope…


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