Hakuho – Kisenosato Final Day Showdown?


Kyujo Yokozuna Could Mean Epic Day 15 Match

In a typical basho schedule, the final day would feature the Yokozuna fighting each other, as is tradition. In the current era there are 3, but at present two of them are out with injuries. This might indicate that the lone surviving Yokozuna, Hakuho, and the highest ranking Ozeki, Kisenosato, would square off in the final bout of the final day.

In this case, it could in fact decide the championship as well. Clearly this would be a rating bonanza for NHK and the Sumo Association. You would have the strongest Japanese contender to become Yokozuna, taking on the most dominant Yokozuna to ever step on the dohyo. On the line would be the Emperor’s cup, and possibly Kisenosato’s elevation to Yokozuna himself.

To get there, fans need both rikishi to win their next three bouts, and for the sumo association to decide to finish the New Years basho with this epic battle.


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