Video Of Wakaichiro’s Third Match

Early in day 6 of the Hatsu basho, there is a series of match for men just starting their sumo career.  This entry division is known as Jonokuchi.  On day 6 Texas sumotori Wakaichiro faced Noborifuji from the Isegahama stable.

Clearly it was a one sided match, as Noborifuji is a very slight build, likely made worse by the rigors of new life in a sumo beya.

Wakaichiro is now 2-1 in his first tournament, and off to a solid start.


2 thoughts on “Video Of Wakaichiro’s Third Match

    • That guy is really skinny. It’s interesting to see the difference between the Isegahama youngsters and (for example) Wakaichiro from Mushashigawa. I think that Mushashigawa makes a point of feeding everyone, and their rikishi seem to have more mass. I think Musashimaru-zeki and Konishiki-zeki may be on to something. But then again Ichiro Young played a fair amount of football, and ate a strong Texas diet before taking up sumo, so he is going to have a size and strength advantage for a while.


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