Harumafuji Injured Further?


Sudden Leg Pain During Match With Okinoumi

In today’s final match, Harumafuji easily defeated a struggling Okinoumi in a battle of the injured. Sadly there may be additional trouble for Yokozuna Harumafuji, who is competing in spite of a number of injuries that limit his performance in the ring.

During the final moments of the match, as Harumafuji set up and executed a shitatenage (under arm throw), he experienced a shooting burst of pain in his right thigh.

More information (in Japanese) here

In the video below, it’s plain to see the Yokozuna is having difficulty walking after the match, and is in some degree of pain. With Moriya’s vendetta hanging over his head, I expect Harumafuji to press ahead no matter what. This man loves what he does, and loves the world of sumo, enough to risk his health to compete.


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