Kisenosato Momentarily Engaged


Gyoji’s Gumbai Mishap Leads To Embarrassing Monoii

Kisenosto has had a fairly boring slate of opponents to open the Hatsu basho. Each day he looks lost in thoughts up to the tachiai, where he quickly dispatches the lesser rikishi, and goes back to his deep ruminations.

It was hoped that the muscular and rowdy Shohozan would liven up his day, but for the most part it was more of the same. But then gyoji Kimura Tamajiro pointed his gumbai west at the end of the match, incorrectly indicating that Shohozan had won.

The Shimpan quickly mounted the dobro, much to the embarrassment of the referee, and the decision was corrected.

On day 5 its Kisenosato’s turn with Mitakeumi, which should be a more engaging match.

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