3 thoughts on “Hatsu Day 1 Torikumi Is Up

  1. I’m circling that Hakuho v. Shodai matchup. In their first bout, Hakuho basically deflected Shodai into the ringside seats. I’m hoping for more of a head-on tachiai this time.

    Ultimately, though, Day 1 has several bouts of interest even though there shouldn’t be any yusho implications. All the top guys should win but Tochiozan v Ikioi, Takekaze v Endo, Kaisei v Chiyonokuni…

    That said, the top guys will be facing quality opponents so there could be upsets. I hesitate to call one because so much depends on the health of the combatants. If anything, I’ll look at these as a barometer for who may be up-to-snuff.

    • I think the schedulers did a great job for day 1, really eager to watch pretty much all of these bouts. I am so excited that Harumafuji is going to face Takayasu straight out of the gate. I know Takayasu wants to recover from his failure at Kyushu, and he has to survive the nodowa attack on his first day.

      Back to my bi-monthly sulk about only getting HNK highlights. I once again yearn for full Juryo and Makuuchi coverage. I do hope they show the Osunaarashi v Chiyoo bout.


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