Kisenosato – Most Wins For 2016


Prevails Over Harumafuji In Victory Derby

At the completion of the Kyushu basho, perpetual runner up in all things sumo earned an important achievement. Kisenosato was recognized for the most wins this year in Makuuchi, a distinction normally claimed by Hakuho. As Hoakuho sat out all of Aki, the contest was wide open, with Harumafuji and Kisenosato tied until the last week in Kyushu.

Kisenosato’s final record for 2016 stands at:

69 Wins – 21 Losses

Not a stunning run, but it’s nice to see Kisenosato finally win something, and earn some recognition. In spite of the fact that I make him the butt of jokes, he is a solid Ozeki, probably one of the more dominant in a while. In this world of superlatives, everyone feels that he must become a Yokozuna to really have mattered. I would point to the mighty Kaio as an example of a fantastic sumotori, who continues to contribute to the sport, but never was promoted past Ozeki.

Congratulations to Kisenosato, well done.


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