Kyushu Day 4 Preview


Sanyaku Still Warming Up

After three days of sumo action, it looks as if the top 4 ranks are finally getting warmed up and ready to do some serious sumo. Hakuho showed us a twisting uwatenage, Kakuryu is looking unusually strong, Goeido has had some (ahem) strange matches and even Harumafuji seems ready to go.

But sumo fans are still wading through the preliminaries, as the vital stories of Kyushu get started. We should have a great coming weekend, and be sure to look for Jason of Jason’s sumo channel in the crowd this weekend in Fukuoka.

Now – On to day 4 Notable Matches

Ishiura vs Chiyootori – Mr muscles goes up against ooootori, who has done pretty well so far. Even though Chyo and Muscles are 2-1, I am going to give an edge to Ishiura. The day 3 bought was like watching the Wolf, as he hooked that left hand into the mawashi and then cranked the pressure on a hapless Hidenoumi.

Ichinojo vs Hokutofuji – Not going to sugar coat it, I am glad that Ichinojo but he looks like an extra from the Walking Dead. He has never been a run-and-gun sumotori, but he is still struggling to get himself comfortable in the dohyo. If Ichinojo remembers he’s enormous, he probably wins this one.

Ikioi vs Arawashi – With any luck this should be really action packed. Ikioi has come to town with his battle mawashi on, and Arawashi is fighting much better than his Maegashira 10 rank suggests. This is either a quick push and crash, or it could be a brawl.

Takekaze vs Chiyoshoma – Why are these guys falling for Takekaze’s signature move every time? Chiyoshoma, do the sumo fans a favor and shut it down today.

Nishikigi vs Sadanoumi – Nishi, I know you can’t wear your glasses into the ring, but you are better than 1-2 against the sinkers and floaters of makuuchi. Please find it in you to beat Sadanoumi

Shohozan vs Yoshikaze – Yoshikaze, I am a big fan, but yesterday was a complete let down. Please make up for it by giving local boy Shohozan a proper spanking.

Takayasu vs Okinoumi – Day 3, the big Ozeki in training reversed a losing proposition. Which Okinoumi do we get Wednesday? If I had to guess, he hurt himself against Terunofuji. Okinoumi has my overwhelming sympathy, but he really needs to own up to his injury and get it addressed

Kotoshogiku vs Endo – Ku was completely out-matched by Tamawashi day 3, can Endo make it 2 days in a row?

Goeido vs Mitakeumi – Mitakeumi, we are counting on you to not take a fall, and to give Goeido a real hard fight. Beat him if you can, please. He has a tough schedule next week, and all 3 Yokozuna seem to be at full power. It’s essential he has fitting contests to prepare.

Shodai vs Terunofuji – Shodai was all over the place on day 3, and somehow managed to still win. Terunofuji is in terrible shape, and is clearly a shadow of his former self. This will likely be a mess

Hakuho vs ItDoesntMatterAFuji – No slam against Tamawashi, but the boss is back and he is just warming up. I can sense he is eager for week 2 and showing Goeido the texture of the Kyushu clay.

Kakuryu vs Kaisei – Honestly, Kaisei is no slouch. But Kakuryu is back and seems to be on game. Kaisei is better than a 0-3 start, and I hope he can make kachi-koshi. But I won’t be surprised if he hit 0-4 today

Harumafuji vs Aoiyama – Another huge fellow who is little more than a warm-up for the big guns. Please don’t let it get you down, you really are a good rikishi.


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