Kyushu Day 2 Highlights



Sadly, the expected clashes of day two were mostly a disappointment to watch, with the highlight coming from Kakuryu, which is a wonderful an infrequent event.

Both Mitakeumi and Endo won decisively, and Ichinojo was looking more animated than his first bout. Goeido and Takayasu never really got started, and was a complete let down. Okinoumi hung in tough against Yoshikaze, which is never easy.

Meanwhile Hakuho and Harumafuji both one, but neither really showed the kind of exciting sumo the fans are expecting.

Notable highlights

Ishiura defeats Gagamaru – My wife says that Ishiura looks like a guy not to borrow money from, but Gagamaru was no match for the up and coming rikishi.

Ichinojo defeats Chyootori – The big Mongolian looked a bit better today, but still well below his potential in the lower Makuuchi ranks. He tied up Chyootori early, and eventually used his impressive bulk to simply crush him to the dohyo

Ikioi defeats Takanoiwa – Ikioi off to a strong 2-0 start, he completely overpowered Takanoiwa after a few early slaps. Ikioi has some very good moves, but struggles to compete at the higher end of Makuuchi.

Takekaze defeats Nishikigi – Takekaze does the Takekaze, and pulls Nishikigi down on the tachiai. Nishikigi is off to a disappointing start, none of which is from any real battle-sumo.

Takarafuji defeats Tochinoshin – Tochinoshin has been in decline, and I would guess he is still nursing injuries, where Takarafuji is looking comfortable at Maegashira 5.

Okinoumi defeats Yoshikaze – Even though he was clearly in pain, Okinoumi endured a solid Yoshikaze attack, and was able to wrap up Yoshikaze and push him out of the ring. If I had to guess, Okinoumi will kyujo during the tournament.

Goeido defeats Takayasu – This was my most anticipated match, and it was a complete non-event. Takayasu “slipped and fell” seconds after the tachiai. I completely understand, but just wish these two could have battled it out.

Endo defeats Terunofuji – Endo worked very hard for this win, but it’s clear that Terunofuji is a shadow of his former self. He has little to no power, and was out-matched by the smaller rikishi. I dearly wish we could get the un-injured Terunofuji back, he was a lot of fun.

Mitakeumi defeats Kotoshogiku – On day one I suspected that Kotoshogiku was not quite up to the form he showed at Aki. Mitakeumi took him down with a throw, and Kotoshogiku never could get his bear hug in.

Harumafuji defeats Kaisei – Kaisei is really hapless now, another bright rikishi who is a shade of their former self. It’s also rather disappointing to see someone of Harumafuji’s skill and power win using the side-step and push move.

Hakuho defeats Aoiyama – Boss looking a little better on day 2, but I am guessing they are not throwing him any big challenges yet. Aoiyama over-extended, went off balance and Hakuho pushed him to the clay

Kakuryu defeats Tochiozan – Best match of the day from the Yokozuna I tend to overlook. Kakuryu really worked hard for his win, and looked strong and good doing it. I would also note that Tochiozan gave the match everything, and had the Yokozuna in trouble a couple of times, but could not close the deal. I would be delighted to see Kakuryu back in form and fighting well for this tournament.

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  1. I agree with your wife’s assessment of Ishiura. However, his traps have now become my own workout goal. I mean, holy crap. The dude is 4 cm shorter than me but 30+ kilos heavier. And my gut is bigger than his.


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