Abbreviated Day 11 Preview


You’ve Got To Ask Yourself One Question – Do I Feel Lucky….

Abbreviated look at day 11, I blame my California friends for curry and beer, clogging up my vital thinking circuity when there is sumo afoot.

Final ⅓ of the Basho.  We can see who is clearly headed for make-koshi (and demotion), and who is possibly going to vie of the title.  Those who aspire shall now be tested in earnest.

Day 11 and 12 are going to probably settle the big question that was always an element of the Aki 2016 Basho – Can Kisenosato get his yusho? There are some great matches for day 11, but it really comes down to Kisenosato vs Goeido. Without 2 Goeido losses, there is no chance at a Great Pumpkin Yusho. Without a Yusho, there is no promotion. So now Kisenosato must summon everything he can muster to defeat the unstoppable sumo freight train that is Goeido.

Advantage Goeido

Also of Note

Endo v Tamawashi – Let’s just put it out there, it’s time to separate the winners from the “doing well”. If Endo defeats Tamawashi, he’s on to something. If Kise can defeat Goeido, there is a 3 way tie for the lead, part of which is Endo’s. It’s a test. Luckily Endo has been studying.

Mitakeumi v Terunofuji – Maegashira 5 vs Ozeki, you say that’s lopsided? Not during Aki 2016. It’s time to see if Mitakeumi can pick off the weakest Ozeki. Terunofuji is hurt and demoralized. Are they really going to make Terunofuji lose face?

Harumafuji v Takayasu – Warm up match for The Horse, or Ozeki gut-check for Takayasu? Harumafuji has had a series of what could best be described as “training bouts” with lesser ranks. Now its a Sekiwake who may be on the way up. If Takayasu can wrap up Harumafuji in a strength and endurance contest, he may go the distance. Look for Harumafuji to use his lighting fast attacks to make sure it never gets that far.


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