Aki Day 9 Results – Goeido Wins, Okinoumi Loses


Some high intensity action for day 9 at the Kokugikan in Tokyo, with the week 2 schedule under way, the san’yaku are focusing on competing with each other, and the Maegashira are largely left to sort out who gets demoted.  Congratulations to Endo for reaching his kachi-koshi.

  • Leader (9-0): Goeido
  • Chasers (8-1): Harumafuji, Endo
  • Hunt Group (7-2): Kisenosato, Kotoshogiku, Takayasu, Okinoumi, Kotoyuki
  • 6 Bouts Remain

Featured Results

Osunaarashi defeats Seiro – As show in the previous post, Osunaarashi is clearly injured, but fights on. this man wants back in Makuuchi ranks in November, and in fact his pay depends on it. Tachiai wishes him good fortune.

Tsurugisho defeats Ura – Ura is at a strange stage of his development. He is too small to use the “power sumo” hug and chug. His forte had been lighting fast attacks and always deploying an unexpected move at the most opportune time. With his placement at Juryo 1, we see Ura with a bit more weight, and after his initial losing streak, he seems to be questioning his own instincts. Many sumo fans are eager to see Ura promoted to Makuuchi, but there is no harm with him remaining in Juryo for another few tournaments. He has a lot of talent and natural ability. He just needs to get his winning recipes right.

Gagamaru defeats Daieisho – Daieisho put in a huge and worthy effort against one of the largest men in sumo. He overcommitted to an off balance push, and Gagamaru seized the opportunity to push him to the dohyo.

Endo defeats Sokokurai – Sokokurai had advantage early, but as he backed Endo to the tawara, Endo was able sneak a left hand grip on the mawashi of Sokokurai and force him out with a twisting reversal at the edge.

Nishikigi defeats Amakaze – Amakaze took command early, but could not finish off Nishikigi, who eventually was able to back Amakaze to the edge and hug him out.

Kotoyuki defeats Ikioi – Slaping and pushing fest that was all Kotoyuki. Match ended with both rikishi in a Shimpan’s lap.

Shodai defeats Daishomaru – No really, an actual win today. Shodai caught Daishomaru and threw him down with a nice kotenage arm throw. Welcome back Shodai, probably too late for kachi-koshi, but nice to see you resume your normally excellent sumo.

Yoshikaze defeats Tochinoshin – My favorite Georgian is really struggling, and I am going to say it’s injuries. But this match was not a traditional Yoshikaze slap fest, but rather a roving, grappling struggle that ended with Tochinoshin receiving a leg / shoulder combo push out / throw thing from Yoshikaze (Watashikomi?).

Kaisei defeats Okinoumi – Ok, so the good Kaisei mounted the dohyo today, and dominated Okinoumi. Kaisei wrapped up Okinoumi right off the tachiai, and just danced him out of the ring.

Kotoshogiku defeats Takarafuji – Text book power sumo match. Both rikishi really gave it everything, but we got to see Kotoshogiku in his optimal combat environment. The man is the master of the “chug” and was able to force out Takarafuji.

Goeido defeats Aoiyama – Over in mere seconds, Aoiyama initiated his preferred slappy / pushy form, Goeido grabbed some flab and pushed the man-mountain out of the ring. Goeido still undefeated at 9-0, he needs some Harumafuji love soon.

Takayasu defeats Terunofuji – Takayasu really looking very strong in what was a really good bout. Terunofuji was not going out without a fierce battle, but Takayasu was patient, took his time and waited for his opening. This has been the pattern with Takayasu, he has the mass and balance to blunt most attacks, and wears down his opponents. My vote for best Makuuchi match today.

Kisenosato defeats Chiyootori – Please sumo schedulers, stop feeding Kisenosato cream-puffs. If he is really worthy of the rope, let’s see him defeat all the other Ozeki and the Yokozuna.

Kakuryu defeats Myogiryu – This goes double for Kakuryu, please give him the honor of facing worthy opponents. Let the rikishi fall where they may.

3 thoughts on “Aki Day 9 Results – Goeido Wins, Okinoumi Loses

  1. I was looking for a good way to describe it, that does quite nicely. Speaking of which, how many times is Kotoshogiku going to stand up there on the dohyo and pick at the butt-strap of his mawashi? I am thinking of begging NHK for pixelation to rescue the fans from seeing that.


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