September Day 5 Preview


Goeido, Kotoyuki and Okinoumi Enter Day 5 Undefeated

Deeper into the tournament schedule, the higher ranking rikishi are facing lower level opponents, and sekitori on winning streaks are now facing lower ranked opponents. This means it’s getting tougher to derail the undefeated, at least until they return to tougher bouts.

On day 4, Homarefuji withdrew due to torn muscles in his right calf, likely from that fight with Planet Gagamaru, when he received a rather forceful pushdown. In his following matches he was clearly hurt, and I am glad he is not going to risk further damage. As a result, Ura is coming to compete in Makuuchi! Yes, we will see him face Daieisho (Maegashira 16e). Hopefully it will make the NHK highlight reel!

Notable Matches, Day 5

Daieisho v Ura – As Andy pointed out, Ura’s kryptonite has been discovered. He is a wily and cunning sumotori, so I am eager to see if he changes up going up against Daieisho, who has only 1 win. Prediction – Ura via a nice yorikiri that is executed while falling backwards and winning the Nobel prize in chemistry.

Endo v Kotoyuki – Even though Endo is ranked Maegashira 14, he has more than enough skill and strength to defeat the undefeated Kotoyuki. Can we get the good Endo two days in a row?

Amakaze v Daishomaru – How is it that Daishomaru is winless on day 4? I want Amakaze to stay above 500, but I sure hope that Daishomaru is not skunked the first week out.

Chiyonokuni v Sokokurai – Chiyonokuni looked really good on day 4, where he kept fighting even past the point where most would have given up, and he did in fact carry the day. Prediction – win for Chiyonokuni.

Aoiyama v Ikioi – The brutal Bulgaria delivered the “Slap heard round the world” on day 1 against Chiyootori. Both he and Ikioi head into this match at 3-1. Prediction: a great deal of slapping and ugly wobbling of man-boobs, followed by a Bulgarian over the edge of the tarawa.

Mitakeumi v Yoshikaze – I am really starting to worry that Yoshikaze was not healed enough to participate in this tournament. The guy puts it all out there each time in the ring. Mitakeumi is doing much better than Nagoya, but I am going to go with the Berserker again.

Takayasu v Kaisei – Takayasu had a great bout against Tochiozan on day 4, and just kept wearing the Komusubi down until he had nothing left. I predict he will have a similar outcome with Kaisei, who seems to be struggling.

Tochiozan v Kotoshogiku – The Kadoban Twins are really just having a glorious first week, with nothing able to stand in their way. I think Tochiozan is bringing some great sumo this week, but nothing seems to stop these two Ozeki, hell bent to secure their rank.

Goeido v Takarafuji – Takarafuji won against Kaisei day 4, but for whatever reason, Goeido is unstoppable. I will have to go with the Kadoban Twin on this one.

Kisenosato v Takanoiwa – What universe do we live in where this is even a question. The Great Pumpkin has dispatched so many Maegashira 3’s with a push and a snort in the past, you could build a bridge to Miyajima out of them. This tournament, it’s anyone’s guess. I hope Kisenosato can get his grove back. He is better than this.

Tochinoshin v Kakuryu – The big Georgian is clearly hurt. I just hope he comes to a decision where he knows if he is better of taking kyujo rather than making a show and risking greater injury.

Harumafuji v Shodai – I am starting to feel sorry for Shodai. This guy actually is a decent sumotori, with actual skills. None of that will matter with The Horse. Taking wagers on which row Shodai ends up in, and wether Harumafuji gets a spiral on him or not.


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