Aki Basho Day 3 Preview


Cloudy With A Chance of Kinboshi

Day 3 of the September tournament looks to be even more interesting / exciting than day 2 has been. Through the line up and ranking in the Banzuke, it was assured that some of the best men in Sumo would be head to head on any given day. Here are some of the things we can look forward to for Tuesday

Kyokushuho v Amakaze – Amakaze looks to have gotten back into his sumo on day two, but Kyokushuho at Maegashira 15 is unbeaten. Can size overcome a rikishi on a winning streak?

Gagamaru v Arawashi – Planet Gagamaru will try to improve his 1-1 record against the higher ranking Arawashi, who looked very strong in Nagoya.

Shohozan v Kotoyuki – Both unbeaten, it’s time for one of them to taste the dohyo

Kaisei v Takanoiwa – The winless Komusubi takes on the unbeaten Takanoiwa who has already beaten both Sekiwake

Kisenosato v Tochinoshin – The Great Pumpkin is not out of the hunt for Yokozuna yet, he faces a struggling Tochinoshin next.

Yoshikaze v Kakuryu – It’s a shame when a Yokozuna starts 0-2, can Yoshikaze make it 3 with a Kinboshi?

Harumafuji v Okinoumi – Harumafuji looked strong today against the berserker (Yoshikaze), but at the moment it seems Okinoumi is collecting san’yaku scalps. Magic in the air (and purple cushions) if Okinoumi gets his second Kinboshi.

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