Hakuho Out For September Tournament?


Rumors are bubbling that the most dominant wrestler in recorded Sumo history may sit out the September Tokyo tournament. It was fairly clear from Nagoya that he had hurt more than his big toe (which we covered here), but that one of his knees was injured as well. For reference this bout against Ikioi on day 9, where I think the knee injury occurred.

Hakuho is pressing the attack against Ikioi, when he suddenly collapses, much to everyone’s surprise (most especially Ikioi)

Followed by what happened when he faced tournament winner Harumafuji

Clearly, Hakuho is quite banged up (so is Harumafuji at this point), but it’s his knee which gives out first.

If Hakuho does sit out September, it changes the math for Kisenosato to finally win a tournament and earn his Yokozuna rope.


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