Sumotori Checkup Time!

It seems the time has come for all of the mighty Rikishi of Grand Sumo to undergo their periodic check ups. The sight of dozens of burly men in yakuta queued up for blood draws, weigh ins and general medical ephemera creates an environment ripe for photos, selfies and general wackiness. Fortunately, everyone posted things to twitter, and Tachiai is here to bring it to you, sumo fans.


More needles, scales and hijinks after the jump.

Hey, Kaisei (魁聖) – this is serious medical business, put down the Pokemon Go

Takayasu tries to keep steady as he takes his turn with the blood draw.

Assembly line style – get them done

The mighty Yoshikaze joins the squad getting blood pressure checked.  He is looking good, back to training and I am hopeful we will see him in Tokyo next month.

And this gem. Entitled – “He weighs how much?”


Finally – this picture of Nagoya champion Harumafuji, with his children in tow, taking care of business


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