Who’s That Rikishi


Hello, my fellow sumo fans and aficionados! I am very honored to have been invited to join the fantastic team at Tachiai.org! Since discovering the world of sumo, Tachiai has become one of my most visited sites for up to date sumo news and rikishi information. I am incredibly excited to be able to contribute to this site in any way I can!

One feature that I am hoping to make a weekly post, published every Tuesday, is called Who’s That Rikishi. Many fans get to know the big names of sumo, such as Hakuho, Ura, and Kisenosato, very easily as they get a great deal of media attention. For good reason, as they are the superstars of the world of sumo. There many very talented rikishi in the top Makuuchi division with prosperous careers full of triumphs and setbacks.

My goal with Who’s That Rikishi is to give readers, both old and new, exposure to rikishi they may not know a whole lot about. In addition to WTR, I am planning a second weekly post for Thursdays called Legends of the Dohyo, that will go over the rich history of sumo. I’m looking forward to writing for all of you, and I sincerely hope that you enjoy the content I add to Tachiai!
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# Shikona Heya Shusshin
1 Takarafuji Isegahama Aomori
2 Arawashi Minezaki Mongolia
3 Kagayaki Takadagawa Ishikawa
4 Chiyomaru Kokonoe Kagoshima
5 Okinoumi Hakkaku Shimane
6 Daishomaru Oitekaze Osaka
7 Tochinoshin Kasugano Georgia
8 Takanoiwa Takanohana Mongolia
9 Kaisei Tomozuna Brazil
10 Asanoyama Takasago Toyama
11 Chiyonokuni Kokonoe Iga
12 Ichinojo Minato Mongolia
13 Nishikigi Isenoumi Morioka