Japanese Sumo Headlines

This page will host a list of articles and resources for sumo fans learning Japanese. Going in order will also be in chronological order and you’ll also track my own progress. I will also put a hiragana and katakana lookup chart, vocabulary list, and shikona list of most recent and legendary makuuchi wrestlers.

  1. Japanese Sumo Headlines
  2. Takagenji Juryo Debut in May
  3. Kisenosato Gambarized. He “walks the walk” of a Yokozuna
  4. Turbold Baasansuren Debuts in Makushita & Test of Translation Engines
  5. Kisenosato Restarts Training with Pectoral Injury
  6. Launch of Foreign Led Stables by ex-Kotoshu & ex-Kyokutenho
  7. Great Insight Into Tsukebito (assistant) System
  8. Natsu Basho Sold Out in 90 Minutes
  9. The Kisenosato Effect
  10. Asanoyama: The Pride of Toyama Prefecture
  11. Odaiba Basho 8/23-8/24
  12. Kusatsu Basho
  13. Myogiryu’s Marriage and First Baby