How to Watch Sumo

I created this map to help users find their local options for watching live sumo. If you’re in Japan, it’s easy. The NHK and Abema are available for free. Outside of Japan is where it gets difficult. Abema is not available outside of Japan*. The NHK coverage is available as a part of NHK Cosmomedia packages in many countries. In Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa, this is available through several JSTV options, including streaming and cable/satellite bundles. In the US and Canada, TV Japan is only available as an add-on to existing cable/satellite packages, subject to availability. Who knows, though. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to be on a 15-day business trip in a hotel with TV Japan?

The JSTV-i packages seem tailor made for sumo fans lucky enough to live in areas with JSTV coverage. Along with monthly subscriptions, one-week and two-week long passes are available. That knocks the socks off the TV Japan “option” which requires a separate cable or satellite subscription. So for fans who have cut the cord, sick of subsidizing hundreds of crap channels we never watch, I wish there was a way my computer could be somewhere else. Hmm… It would be so much easier if I could just pay for a stable source.

Note: This map is not guaranteed to be accurate since I could only find the regional listings and not a list of the individual countries. So, if your country has availability or doesn’t, please reach out and I will update the map. I’m also very interested in learning more about customer experiences, satisfaction, and rates with the actual packages.


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