Oshoma COVID-positive, Naruto beya out of basho

Following his match today, Oshoma, the newcomer to Juryo, from Naruto beya, had a PCR test. The result came back positive.

Naruto beya, including Naruto oyakata, who is one of the shimpan, will go kyujo.

This follows Mitakeumi’s positive result yesterday, and it will be no surprise if more cases turn up in the following days.

Oshoma’s current standing is 5-3, and it will be a shame if he is kept in the same rank because of the kyujo. This makes the situation more challenging for the banzuke committee after the basho. If they don’t upgrade his position, it’s unfair to Oshoma. If they do, then by rights they should demote Mitakeumi.

But first and foremost, we wish the young man a quick and full recovery.