Wakaichiro Loses Day 4 Match

Wakaichiro Day 4j

Up against former Sandanme 17 wrestler Fujisato, Wakaichiro found himself outmatched from the start. Fujisato was faster off the line, and immediately landed a brutal nodowa. To his credit, Wakaichiro fought back and made a valiant stand at the bales, pushing Fujisato back for a moment before his opponent rallied and forcefully tossed him into the front row.

For Wakaichiro fans, the good news is that his technique continues to improve, and his strength is noticeably better.  But with the loss, Wakaichiro goes to 1-1 for Kyushu.  Tachiai will bring you video as soon as it shows up on YouTube.

Bruce’s Undercard Matches Day 4


For myself, it’s a great night (day) for lower ranked sumotori! First up, we have Wakaichiro looking for win #2 against Fujishima-beya’s Fujisato. Fujisato’s highest rank is Sandanme 17, but was kyusho for Aki and is looking to bounce back. This match will be a real challenge for Wakaichiro, but a dose of the fighting spirit we saw on day 1 is likely enough to give him a shot at a huge upset.

Second is Ura, marching on towards a great sumo comeback. On day 4 Ura faces Sakaigawa’s Yutakasho, who has been ranked as high as Makushita 49 before a string of make-koshi lowered him to Sandanme 32. He won’t be a pushover, but then again, this is a scaled-up Ura who seems to be on a mission.

Lastly we have Musashikuni’s first match of the basho, early in Makushita. His opponent is Kise-beya’s Higoarashi, who has been ranked as high as Makushita 2 East. I am going to assume that in spite of a string of injuries, Higoarashi is going to be a tough opponent for the big Hawaiian.

Break out the sake and the rice crackers, fire up the stream from Japan, it’s going to be a great night of sumo!

Video of Wakaichiro’s Day 1 Win

Thanks to the magic of YouTube, we can share video of Wakaichiro’s day 1 match. Some notes

  • Heavy bandaging on the knees. These look like tape wraps over compression knee braces, similar to how Aminishiki secures his joints.
  • Low out of the tachiai, blasts straight ahead and overwhelms his opponent with speed and power. Excellent effort

We are looking for his second match day 3 or 4, and will bring you coverage as the Kyushu basho continues.

Wakaichiro Wins Day 1

Wakaichiro Kyushu 1

In early action in Kyushu, Musashigawa rikishi Wakaichiro defeated Miyakogawa, improving his record against him to 2-0, and picking up his first win of the November tournament. For his fans this is a great start, and he showed better fighting form from September.

In the image above, you can clearly see the up-armor bolstering around both knees. There had been some word that Wakaichiro had been working to recover from knee injuries in the prior months.

With the win, Wakaichiro starts Kyushu 1-0, and will possibly fight again day 3.

Wakaichiro Competing Day 1


Texas sumotori Wakaichiro will be starting his campaign to return to Sandanme on day 1 in Kyushu. After his injury plagued 2-5 tournament in September, the Musashigawa rikishi finds himself ranked Jonidan 5e. For his first match he is facing Isenoumi heya’s Miyakogawa who is ranked Jonidan 4. This is in fact a rematch, as Wakaichiro has beaten him once before, in May of this year on day 4 of the Natsu basho. Miyakogawa is another relative newcomer to sumo, who is fighting at his highest rank after a 6-1 tournament in September at Jonidan 74.

Fans of Wakaichiro are eager to see him return to competition, and as always Tachiai will bring you the results as soon as they are known.

Go Texas Sumo!