Wakaichiro Returns Day 10

Wakaichiro Tachiai

Texas sumotori Wakaichiro returns to action on day 10, facing off against Sandanme 88 Hokuyozan, of Tatsunami heya.  Hokuyozan is roughly the same height and weight as Wakakichiro, but is participating in his 54th basho, going all the way back to 2009. He is a seasoned professional and will bring a great deal of experience to the bout.

Wakaichiro needs to win 2 out of his last 3 matches to secure a kachi-koshi, and maintain his berth in Sandanme.  We will be watching with great interest tonight. As always we will bring you results and video as soon as they are available.


Wakaichiro Loses Day 8 Match

As Bruce noted, Wakaichiro was in action today on Day 8, taking on Ginseizan of Otake-beya. Fortunately, I was at the EDION Arena taking in the day’s action, so Tachiai can provide the video of this match ourselves (with the usual disclaimer about elderly folks ambling into our camera angle).

Less fortunately, Wakaichiro suffered defeat to his 24 year old opponent by oshidashi in a battle of pushing and thrusting. He is now 2-2 on the tournament and we will continue to cheer him on as he pursues a kachi-koshi and upward momentum in the Sandanme division. As the rikishi walk past the spectators on the way into the arena, I attempted to find our man before the match but unfortunately could not find the entrance point for the east side until after his match had concluded. More on today’s experience at the EDION Arena will be coming soon to Tachiai.


Wakaichiro In Action Day 8


Our favorite Sandanme rikishi returns to the Haru dohyo before noon on day 8, facing off against Sandanme 90 Ginseizan. Ginseizan began sumo in 2013 in Osaka and is from Otake heya. He is the same height as Wakaichiro, but only weights 90kg. His highest rank is Sandanme 41 and has been bouncing between Sandanme and Jonidan for the past few years.

In spite of his weight advantage, Wakaichiro is going up against a seasoned veteran. This match will be an excellent test of his “survival” potential in the Sandanme division. It has been the case that Wakaichiro always fights better in Tokyo, so a kachi-koshi in Osaka would set him up for a significant tournament in May.

As always, we will bring you details and video once we find it.

Wakaichiro Loses Day 5 Match

In day 5 action, Wakaichiro lost his match to Kaiseijo. The bout got off to a fast start, with Kaiseijo driving hard to move inside against Wakaichiro’s somewhat high tachiai. In the oshi-fest that followed, Wakaichiro got turned around, and Kaiseijo moved him out. Kaiseijo did a good job, and kept his hips low, constantly moving forward.

This was a rematch between the two young rikishi, and I am sure it bothers Wakaichiro that his record against Kaiseijo is now 0-2. With the loss, Wakaichiro goes to a respectable 2-1 for Haru. His next match is not yet published on the fight schedule.

Wakaichiro Returns To Action Day 5

Wakaichiro Tachiai

The day 5 torikumi features the third bout for Texas sumotori Wakaichiro. Coming in with a 2-0 record, he is still working through Sandanme’s “winner’s bracket”, where rikishi with 2-0 records face off. Today’s opponent is Sandanme 90 Kaiseijo, from Asakayama heya, whose head is the former great Ozeki Kaiō.

Kaiseijo is fighting at his highest ever rank, having been in sumo since March 2014. He has bounced between Jonidan and Sandanme, generally scoring a 3-4 / 4-3 record in most tournaments. He is the same height as Wakaichiro, but 30 kg lighter. Interesting note, these two have faced once before, with Kaiseijo taking their prior match in Kyushu, which Kaiseijo won via tsukiotoshi thrust down. So this one is a rematch, Wakaichiro fans!

We will endeavor to bring you video and results as soon as they are known.

Wakaichiro Wins Day 4 Match

American sumotori Wakaichiro improved to 2-0 with his win on day 4 over challenger Tokimaru. Tokimaru opens strong, and Wakaichiro gives ground, leading him to the edge. The faster Tokimaru attacks, the more forward his balance becomes until Wakaichiro finishes the match by slapping him down.

The man from Humble Texas has really made great strides in his sumo, and we are eager to see his remaining 5 matches for Haru. Well done, Wakaichiro! Keep moving forward.

Wakaichiro Back In Action Day 4


American Sandanme rikishi Wakaichiro competes in his second match of the Haru basho on day 4. Early in the day, he faces Sandanme 89 ranked wrestler Tokimaru, from Hakuho’s Miyagino stable. Tokimaru is another young, new rikishi who has been on a steady upward trajectory since he entered sumo in May of 2017. He is almost the same size and weight as Wakaichiro so this will be an even match.

As always we will bring you results and video of this match once it’s available online.