Wakaichiro Competes Day 5


Our favorite Jonidan rikishi, Texas’ own sumotori Wakaichiro, has been placed on the torikumi for day 5. Entering this match with a 2-0 record, he faces Jonidan 24 West Tochigidake, from Kasugano heya, who carries a similar 2-0 record. Tochigidake is a 7 year veteran who has been bouncing between Jonidan and Sandanme for the past several years.

This match represents an excellent benchmark on Wakaichiro’s improvement since Kyushu, when his first encounter with the Sandanme ranks resulted in a dismal 1-6 records, and a return to Jonidan.

As always we will bring you news and video of the results as soon as we know them.

Video – Wakaichiro’s Day 4 Match

Thanks once again to intrepid sumo fan One and Only who spends days in the Kokugikan capturing bouts from the lower divisions and posting them to YouTube. From his efforts we have the above video of Wakaichiro wining his second match of the Hatsu basho.

Wakayamanaka tried at least twice to use Wakaichiro’s forward drive to pull him down, but Wakaichiro seems to have some rather good balance, and keeps his feet.

Well done to Wakaichiro, who improves to 2-0.

Wakaichiro Returns Day 4

Wakaichiro Before His Mage

For his second match of the Hatsu tournament, Wakaichiro faces Matsugane’s Wakayamanaka. Wakayamanaka is a 6 year veteran who has been plagued by injuries, and has had to re-start sumo twice. His highest ever rank is Sandanme 83.

Up against an experienced opponent, this will be an excellent test of Wakaichiro’s abilities. As with his prior matches, we will bring results and video as soon as we can find them.

Wakaichiro Wins Hatsu Match #1


Word from Monday morning Tokyo time that Texas Sumotori Wakaichiro prevailed in his match against fellow Jonidan 26 Takanonari. We have no further details at this time, but we will bring you video of the match once we find it.

Congrats to Wakaichiro on his first victory of the new year!

Update: A kindly twitter denizen has shared this video. We will see if we can scrounge a YouTube version as well.

Wakaichiro’s First Hatsu Match – Day 2


Tachiai favorite Wakaichiro starts his campaign on day 2. He is seeking to bounce back from a disappointing 1-6 record at Kyushu, which dropped him from Sandanme back down to the upper ranks of Jonidan. Now ranked Jonidan 23 East (after being Sandanme 85 West in November).

For his first match, he faces Jonidan 23 West Takanonari. Takanonari is an 18 year old rikishi from Chiganoura heya, fighting at his highest rank ever. He has been bouncing around Jonidan and Jonokuchi since March of 2015, and is eager for a chance at a winning record and a bid for promotion.

As always, we will bring you the outcome as soon as we know it.