Wakaichiro Competes Day 12


Sandanme wrestler Wakaichiro will return to the Aki dohyo for his 6th match early in the day on Thursday. He faces another rikishi with a 2-3 record, Dewanoumi heya’s Dewanojo. Dewanojo has 40 total basho in his career, and has been ranked as high as Sandanme 5. He weighs an impressive 192.3 kg, thats 423 pounds to Americans. After going kyujo in Osaka, he is battling his way back up the banzuke.

This will not be an easy match for Wakaichiro, but a win here will set up his chance to finish the tournament with a kachi-koshi.

Wakaichiro Wins Day 10

Wakaichiro 40a

Aki day 10, just before noon in Tokyo, Texas sumotori Wakaichiro faced off against fellow 1-3 Sandanme rikishi Tochimitsuru. The loser would leave the dohyo with a make-koshi (losing record), and the winner would remain in the hunt for a winning record.

In a back-and forth match, Wakaichiro prevailed, improving to 2-3. We expect him to fight day 12, with a chance to improve to 3-3. We will share video of the match as soon as it shows up online.

Wakaichiro Competes Day 10


Another rikishi we are following in Sandanme is none other than Texan Wakaichiro, who fights day 10 against Sandanme 79 Tochimitsuru. Tochimitsuru is a 23 year old rikishi from Kasugano heya, and has been moving between Jonidan and Sandanme for the past 4 years. The two are similar height and weight, so this will be an interesting contest.

Wakaichiro comes to his day 10 match with a 1-3 record, looking to improve by picking up his second win, and avoid a loss and a make-koshi / losing record for Aki. As always we will bring you news as soon as we know it, and video as soon as it crops up on the internet.

Wakaichiro Day 6 & 7 Videos

Thanks to Herouth’s searching, Tachiai can now bring you fan videos of Wakaichiro’s day 6 and day 7 matches.  The day 6 match in particular is of great interest to me, as I had only previously seen the match one, and it was from the Abema camera angle. The person who so kindly uploaded this video had an excellent view of the last moments of the fight, and it reveals some details not noticeable in the Abema feed.

Wakaichiro is in control for most of his day 6 match, strongly moving forward against his opponent, Amanishiki, who has been crumpled over but is still on his feet. Amanishiki reverses and begins to advance. As Amanishiki pushes Wakaichiro towards the bales, Wakaichiro puts up a vigorous defense. With his heels on the tawara, he works to ensure that Amanishiki steps out, before he can hit the clay. And he nearly pulls it off.

This improving ring sense, and solid footwork is seen again in day 7 action, where Wakaichiro snatches a win from Hokutoo as Wakaichiro manages to keep his feet inside the ring as Hokutoo steps out.


Wakaichiro Wins Day 7


This morning in Tokyo, Wakaichiro won his match against Hokutoo. The match ended with Hokutoo driving Wakaichiro from the ring in an attempt at a yorikiri, but Wakaichiro was able to drag his foot on the clay, and Hokutoo stepped out while Wakaichiro’s feet were still in the ring. A monoii ensued and the judges upheld the gumbai, giving the match to Wakaichiro.

With this win, Wakaichiro improves to 1-3, and fends of a threat of an early make-koshi. We will bring you video as soon as one surfaces.