Ura Wins Day 11 Match

Ura Aki Day 2

Fan favorite Ura won against Sandanme 80 wrestler Kawamoto before noon on Wednesday at the Kokugikan. The match too a bit more effort than some of his previous bouts, but the conclusion was just as decisive. Sadly Ura dropped his second match, or there might be a serious chance that he would compete for the yusho.

With the win Ura improves to 5-1, and will get a healthy boost up the banzuke for the Kyushu basho in November. Video of the match below.

Ura Competes Day 9

Ura Aki Day 2

Fresh from his win on day 8, Ura returns to competition on day 9, facing off against another 3-1 rikishi in Kayatoiwa from Minato-beya. Kayatoiwa is an 11 year veteran who has never ranked higher than Sandanme 27. We are looking for Ura to do another minor space folding trick today, and send Kayatoiwa into a pocket dimension for a split second where sumo does not exist.

As always we will bring you results as soon as we know them, and video as soon as we can find it.

Sandanme Day 6 – Ura Wins, Wakaichiro Loses


News from day 6 action in Tokyo. After Ura’s day 3 loss, it was clear that the former rising star was not going to sail through his first basho with ease. His first match was a fluid attack reminiscent of Ura’s days in the pink mawashi. His performance of day 6 returned to that form. His fans will recognize his “submarine style” that relies on speed, flexibility and extraordinary balance. Ura advances to 2-1.

Less than 30 minutes later, Wakaichiro mounted the dohyo, and battled with strength against Amanishiki, but ultimately was pushed out. This drops Wakaichiro to 0-3 to start Aki. He will need to “win out” in order to reach kachi-koshi, which is still possible. His day 6 sumo was solid, on par with his performance at Nagoya.

Video of Ura’s win