November 2015: Kakuryu Falls

Kakuryu fell to Goeido in the final match and biggest upset of the day. Previously, Hakuho’s failed henka was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. Tochiozan stopped his momentum before falling out, so Hakuho had to run over and shove him a few times to get him out of the ring.

After Shohozan’s loss to Ikioi, Takayasu’s loss to Kyokushuho, and Kisenosato’s loss to Toyonoshima (arguably a bigger upset than Goeido over Kakuryu), Harumafuji stands as the lone competition trailing Hakuho who still controls his own destiny. If Harumafuji wins out, including victories over Hakuho, he will win the tournament.

Takanonami Died Saturday, 6/20

Otowayama oyakata, former Takanonami, died suddenly on Saturday of heart failure at the age of 43. The former Ozeki remained in the sumo world as a coach and continued to have a relatively high profile in the sumo world as a talent on television. The news today showed Takanohana accompanying his body at the funeral. Sorry to get this news to you so late but I was in Chiba camping over the weekend.