Moron Club That Is Facebook Flags Tachiai For Indecency / Nudity

As the humans all hide from the Corona Virus, the algorithms are running the internet. This morning while checking on Tachiai’s Facebook page, I was alerted that we were in violation of Facebook’s community standards for nudity and indecency. The offense? It seems to he…


Now granted, toward the end of his career, he did get quite flabby, and his chest did get a bit wobbly. But come on you dopey algorithm (I refuse to call such nonsense AI), these are sumo wrestlers.

So if Facebook readers no longer see our posts, it’s because some stupid computer program is not happy with Kisenosato.

24 thoughts on “Moron Club That Is Facebook Flags Tachiai For Indecency / Nudity

    • Quite true, as the image cited is from 2018, I am guessing the automated moron is leafing through our post banner pictures, and crawling forward in time. We did have more than a couple of Aoiyama from the basho where he was runner up, so I am guessing that comes up soon.

  1. Absolutely absurd. Yet another reason I’m glad I ditched that site and their ridiculous algorithms and capricious policies.

  2. Thanks Bruce for posting the Asanoyama Promotion Ceremony!

    I agree these morons are ABSURD to say the least!

    I too, closed my facebook, instagram and twitter accounts.

    I really appreciate the hard work that everyone does here to keep the web site going and I also appreciate everyone who comments!

    Thanks and can’t wait to hear what the next thing they pick on before they close you down! :)

    • I would leave Facebook but I need those scissor paper stone videos to tide me over to the next basho :)

  3. Maybe we should get on Facebook’s ass about this? A lot can be done by even a moderate community.

  4. This means some employee of facebook has spent a lot of time training their algorithms on boobs, because, of course, algorithms can’t train themselves. I wonder what other body parts this person has been training the algorithm on, and getting paid for it.

  5. So ridiculous. And this flagging of inoffensive stuff means you ignore all warnings and click on everything….I’m still trying to un-see Kakuryu in his fundoshi.😆

  6. Don’t blame Facebook, blame your own country. If Americans weren’t so obsessed with nipples, this problem wouldn’t have occured in the first place;-)

  7. Ah, yes, socialist media strikes again, where any dissent against the party lines are not tolerated, and anyone not tolerating their brand of “tolerance” will be expelled. Orwell was right.

    That’s why I never used that garbage and stuck with e-mail, like any reasonable person.

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