Aki Jungyo: Absent Sektori

The Nihon Sumo Kyokai announced eight wrestlers will not participate in the upcoming Fall tour (Jungyo). The tour is scheduled to begin on 10/5 in Ishikawa prefecture and end in Hiroshima prefecture on 10/27. Several popular top wrestlers will not participate due to injury while Takanofuji is listed as well, due to the ongoing bullying drama, in spite of his refusal to submit his resignation.

Aki Jungyo Injury Update

From the top division, Takakeisho, Ichinojo, and Tomokaze will be absent, and sorely missed. It’s a bit of a surprise that Tochinoshin will participate in the tour and not focus on recuperation. When the tour hits Kyushu, he will need to repeat his feat from this summer where he won 10 bouts as Sekiwake to reclaim his Ozeki status. Kadoban Takayasu will need to win 8 with his seriously damaged arm to avoid a similar fate in January.

From Juryo, there will be several missing wrestlers, including the fore-mentioned Takanofuji. Two Kokonoe wrestlers, Chiyoshoma and Chiyonoumi will miss the tour, along with Kyokushuho and Seiro. As Leonid mentioned in his Aki Wrap-Up article, Seiro and Chiyonoumi are headed back to Makushita.

Tachiai wishes all of the injured rikishi a full recovery and an awesome Kyushu.

5 thoughts on “Aki Jungyo: Absent Sektori

  1. I think Tochi might be coming to the realization He’s not going to be able to hold Ozeki. He might be resigning his fate to that of Koto and just seeing how long he can hold onto Mag ranks. I mean I hope not and yea, it’s a huge out of nowhere thought but still.

  2. This is compatible with Seiro’s diagnosis of aseptic meningitis, rather than the original gastroenteritis that was reported when he first went kyujo. I hope he has recovered properly.

  3. Surprised and a bit worried to see Takayasu taking part. I hope he will be restricted to light duties and isn’t going to let his pride get the better of him.

  4. Any word on what’s ailing Tomokaze? There was speculation that something must have been bothering him during Aki for him to resort to all the “reverse-gear sumo”, but I haven’t seen anything concrete, beyond the tape on his back…

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