Kyushu Banzuke Posted


The banzuke for the upcoming Kyushu basho has been posted to the official website of the Sumo Association.

Some items of note –

  • Yago did not make the cut to Makuuchi.
  • Chiyomaru survives at Maegashira 16.
  • Nishikigi is catapulted all the way to Maegashira 3, entering the joi-jin for the first time.
  • Hokutofuji is at Maegashira 1, now’s his chance!
  • As expected, Kaisei takes the open Komusubi slot.

Further down the banzuke –

  • Oguruma’s rising start Tomokaze makes his Sekitori debut at Juryo 14.
  • Gokushindo gets the Juryo 13 berth after a fantastic tournament and yusho in September.
  • Hawaiian Musashikuni ranks in at Makushita 53.
  • Returning fan favorite Ura is Sandanme 33.
  • Texan Wakaichiro finds himself at Jonidan 5 after a disappointing Aki.

We will have our usual podcast later in the week, once Josh returns from his current exotic locale.

7 thoughts on “Kyushu Banzuke Posted

  1. Ha – thanks for the shout out ;)

    Excited to see Tomokaze, someone we’ve talked about for a while, make his bow. No points for guessing he was a pusher-thruster…

    Sad for Wakaichiro to be demoted but hopefully he can run the table on this guys in Jonidan

    • Word is he was nursing an injury or two. Plus he had the torikumi from hell. I would expect he is going to do much better in Kyushu.

  2. Hoshoryu slightly advances to Ms#49, while Naya, as expected, drops back to Sandanme at #11.

    Stick insect Chiyotaiyo finally makes it to Jonidan – not a bad advancement at #76.

    Torakio only drops to Sd#40 – not horrible. Let’s hope he can improve.

    Not so far away from him is Yoshoyama, at Sd#49, up from Jd#11. Let’s hope he can finally live up to his potential.

    Interesting names in the Makushita purgatory. I’m going to follow Tomisakae at #6.

    Gagamaru said goodbye to his akeni and kesho-mawashi today, but at Ms#1 all he needs is the tiniest of kachi-koshi to get them back.

  3. I really need to start following the Juryo – Makushita boundary more closely. It’s too easy to get fixated on the joi-jin!

  4. One that I’ll be followinging is Tsukahara, who will be making his first appearance in Makushita.

  5. Looks like we can have a Naya vs Ura bout next basho. As I have faith in Ura that would require Naya not to make so many unforced errors like in the last tournament ;)

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