Significant Earthquake in Osaka

There has been a magnitude 5.9 earthquake in Osaka. It had an intensity of low 6 out of 7 on the Japanese scale, with an intensity of 5 out of 7 in Kyoto. At least 1 fatality has been reported, people trapped and sporadic fires. There are images of furniture moved or damaged, and some light structural damage.

6 thoughts on “Significant Earthquake in Osaka

  1. Other than Haiti, I can’t think of a country that Mother Nature has treated more shabbily in the past decade than Japan. I’m sure all of us at Tachiai are thinking nothing but good thoughts to all those souls adversely affected by the latest tremors. Best of luck to everyone in the Osaka area.

      • @RalphL Well, Puerto Rico has the misfortune to be part of America and we all know why those folks have been ignored for months and months and months.

    • They seem to be safe.

      (Tweet by a former Isegahama rikishi. The last sentence says “Isegahama beya, who are currently training in Sakai, are safe”).

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