Day 13 Torikumi Released

The Day 13 bouts were just posted, and there’s a surprise! As expected, Takayasu faces Goeido in the Ozeki clash. But rather than matching Kakuryu with the struggling Sekiwake Mitakeumi, the schedulers give us the undefeated Yokozuna vs. 10-1 Kaisei! Depending on how tomorrow’s bouts go, this one could go a long way to decide the yusho. It’s unusual to say the least for a Sekiwake not to face a Yokozuna during a basho, but this departure from tradition is a welcome one for the fans.

8 thoughts on “Day 13 Torikumi Released

  1. Lucky break for Mitakeumi. Looks like he’s being given every possible chance to save his rank, or at least stay in sanyaku.

  2. I could hug the torikumi committee. I mean, I think they should have pulled the trigger on this back when they were writing the day ten schedule, but I’m still super glad we get to see it.

  3. No break for the leader this time. Recall a few basho ago (November?) when Aoiyama was chasing (one back) and did not get a shot at the leader.

    • Aoiyama was chasing from M8, 21 places below Hakuho. Kaisei is just sixteen places below Kakuryu, one outside the range at which he’d expect to have to fight the Yokozuna regardless of how well he performed.

  4. this is what i need ! the 2 i have picked in jasons contest battling each other … fffffffffffff

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