Wakaichiro In Action Day 9


Having managed to remain unbeaten, and secure his kachi-koshi in his 4th match, Texas Sumotori Wakaichiro advances into the undefeated bracket competing on day 9. For his 5th match of Hatsu, Wakaichiro faces Tomozuna heya’s Kaiho, who has been competing since January 2013, rising as high as Sandanme 14 West before 4 consecutive tournaments, and being forced to re-start sumo. Clearly Kaiho is a strong and experience rikishi looking to re-take his place in Sumo’s third highest division. This be a massive test for Wakaichiro, as this may be the highest ranked rikishi he has ever faced. Kaiho also outweighs him by nearly 40 kg (about 90 pounds).

Frankly, I can’t wait to see what Wakaichiro does in this match. As always we will bring you news and, if we can, video once it’s posted.

3 thoughts on “Wakaichiro In Action Day 9

  1. Can’t wait to see this match! If he wins, we should send him a plate of Texas BBQ or the fixins’ for a PB&J sammich!


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