Eating Sumo: Sumo Stew San Francisco

Quick note to our Tachiai readers on the west coast of the United States: next week, photographer Michael Harlan Turkell and restauranteur Harry Rosenblum bring their SUMO STEW series back to San Francisco. The event serves up chankonabe from a notable chef (this time it’s Nick Balla and Cortney Burns of Duna) as well as a bento and most importantly, live streaming of the upcoming honbasho.

As live sumo broadcasts (particularly publicly streamed events) can be difficult to come by outside of Japan, this might be a fun event for sumo enthusiasts. If you happen to be in that part of the world and decide to go, let us know how it turns out and maybe we’ll cover a future iteration of the event.

Tickets for Wednesday’s edition of the event: click here
Tickets for Thursday’s edition of the event: click here

EDITED TO ADD: The Sumo Stew team has been in touch and are offering $10 off to Tachiai readers with the code KANPAI10 !

12 thoughts on “Eating Sumo: Sumo Stew San Francisco

    • That’s what it says, but if it’s true they’ll be just in time to keep track of how our “ones to watch” are doing !!! ;)

    • Good point, if they’re open 24 hours per day and have a tatami on the floor, we’d be all set!

  1. I’ll be there on Thursday night. I’ll report my findings on what they are going to be streaming. Are any other readers going on that night? meet up, perhaps?

    • Definitely keep us posted! It’s very cool and encouraging to see activities like this happening in America!

  2. I will probably go Wednesday.. That way I can find other folks here in SF who are Sumo fans. The plan was to setup a group to see who in SF would be interested in watching the matches live at a bar in SF on a Friday/Saturday night, but I didn’t get around to it because I got married last month. Maybe this time I will be able to do it!!

    • Jeremy – if you haven’t booked yet, Sumo Stew is now offering $10 off to Tachiai readers with the discount code KANPAI10 !

        • I’d be interested in an SF meet up! I’m going to Sumo Stew on Thursday and will see if I can find other interested sumo fans. Last year, I missed out on getting tickets even when they added a second night. The other cities on the Sumo Stew tour usually only do one night.

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