Looking ahead to Day 5

I was trying to pick out Day 5 matches to highlight, and kept circling almost the whole freakin’ torikumi! Lots of interesting match-ups to look forward to.

The bottom-of-the-banzuke matches could be a preview of Juryo in January, with visiting Tokushoryu taking on Myogiryu and Kotoyuki facing Nishikigi.

All Aminishiki bouts are highlight bouts, and tomorrow he takes on Makuuchi rookie Daiamami, who surprisingly holds a 3-2 career edge.

Two of my favorites who have not carried forward their momentum from Aki take on each other when Endo faces Asanoyama.

It will be interesting to see if Tochinoshin can continue to use his strength against rotund Chiyomaru.

Shodai, who’s been fighting better, takes on the wily and effective Arawashi. Both will want the mawashi, the former for the force-out and the latter for the throw.

The undefeated giant Ichinojo narrowly survived Arawashi today; tomorrow he takes on his twin, Chiyoshoma.

Chiyonokuni vs. Hokutofuji should be a battle, though the two warriors seem to be headed in opposite directions on the banzuke.

Kotoshogiku got his first win today against the ghost of Terunofuji. Tomorrow’s bout against Chiyotairyu, who’s fought nobly if mostly futilely against tough foes, won’t be so easy. Let’s just skip right over Mitakeumi walking Terunofuji backwards off the dohyo.

Takakeisho has looked great, and tomorrow he takes on Yoshikaze, who seems to have finally realized that the basho has started. This has the potential to be the match of the day, as do the next two bouts.

Goeido has been winning with ease so far. Tomorrow he takes on Onosho, who is learning some lessons on his first tour in San’yaku. We get a chance to see how well he’s been absorbing these lessons.

Tamawashi holds a 9-6 career edge against Takayasu, and has given him problems even when Takayasu has been at his best, which he seems to be rapidly regaining. Another great match-up.

Tochiozan, who’s been struggling, has faced Hakuho 37 times and won twice.

Kisenosato got exposed by Takakeisho today. It’ll be interesting to see how closely Shohozan watched that match, and if he takes the same approach, in which case the Yokozuna could be in real trouble, despite holding an 11-2 career edge.




4 thoughts on “Looking ahead to Day 5

  1. It is hard to pick a Bout of the Day in there. I’m looking at Ichinojo v Chiyoshoma to see not how well the giant has recuperated, but whether he will be in contention next weekend.

  2. There’s a local prefectural bout coming up today between Wakaichiro and the Sagaite Kotoryusei. He’s a smaller guy, so hopefully our favorite youngster will power through and get his second win.

  3. Tochinoshin will hopefully try something other than brute strength against Chiyomaru.

    Shodai-Arawashi? Well, for once, Shodai doesn’t have to worry too much about his tachiai because that’s not Arawashi’s style either. I’m excited for this one!

    And yes, Yoshikaze took a while to find his sumo. He’s beaten Takakeisho on both their previous meetings, but Takakeisho seems to be doing better sumo this basho than before, too. I think this is the one I’m most excited to watch.

    Of all Goeido’s opponents so far, I honestly think Onosho has the best chance of breaking his winning streak. Hakuho, though, is going 5-0 for damn near certain.

    • I can’t help but wish that Shodai and Arawashi will both esitate at the tachiai so we get a sumo version of pattycake. It’ll probably never happen, but it would be a fun thing to see.


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