Jungyo Newsreel – October 27th

🌐 Location: Matsue

Terunofuji hits a snag


Today, the Ozekiwake decided to make use of the Yokozuna’s self-assessment tool. Namely, ask Asanoyama for san-ban.

Unfortunately, the results of the test weren’t too good. It started out well enough:

But out of 7 bouts, Asanoyama won four, and Terunofuji only three. Terunofuji’s technique must have been seriously lacking, as Takanohana, sitting as always by the side of the dohyo, felt compelled to interfere and offer advice. Terunofuji was duly thankful, but the lesson did not continue long. The kaiju’s damaged left knee started sending out alarms, and eventually Takanohana ordered him to stop the session, telling him “not to overdo it”.

The session was over, but we have a very headstrong kaiju on our hands. He stayed around and continued to perform Shiko. “I have to overdo it!” he said to the reporters.

Me? I’m strongly reminded of the Black Knight of Monty Python fame. “Just a flesh wound!”.

By evening time, however, the kaiju was back on the dohyo and able to hold up at least for the few seconds it took to beat Mitakeumi:

It remains to be seen, then, if this was just a bump in the road, or the beginning of a spectacular road accident.

(Based mostly on Nikkan Sports, but I strongly advise against looking at the original photo accompanying the article. That is, unless a clear view of a 187kg rikishi’s crotch, complete with jock itch, is your thing. The photographer must be a Kotoshogiku fan.)

Kakuryu continues to scale up

Kakuryu seems to have an organized and itemized practice plan for the entire Jungyo. He completed the yotsu practices, continued to oshi practices, and now he is increasing the level of competition.

The other Yokozuna and Ozeki have been avoiding any bouts with joi members, probably for tactical reasons. Kakuryu, however, decided to take up soon-to-be Komusubi Onosho today:

He fought nine bouts with the special prize winner, of which he won 8 and lost 1. There’s certainly room for optimism about the recovering yokozuna here. “Of course I’ll participate. There is no pressure. I’ll just go out there and do what I always do”, he said despite the fact that his Shisho designated his next basho as “make or break”. “My ankle is fine even when I apply maximum load to it.”



Heroic tsuppari from Shunba, but to no avail.


Aminishiki doesn’t notice Gagamaru’s Isamiashi, prepares to leave the dohyo. Surprised to find that he is the winner.


Onosho lands on Hokutofuji…


Another angle but missing tachiai:

Can’t believe Kisenosato lost his footing like that. Completely untypical. Hakuho 8 – Kisenosato 4.

12 thoughts on “Jungyo Newsreel – October 27th

  1. As if you didn’t know that as soon as you said not to look at the picture with the jock itch, we would be compelled to click immediately on the link to behold the jock itch ;-)

  2. Watching the Shunba bout again, are wrestlers below Juryo allowed to nodowa? I was wondering what options he had to “finish him” other than trying a belt throw. Because as soon as they went to the belt, Takatenshu just got him in reverse and ushered him out.

    • As far as I know, any professional wrestlers are allowed to use Nodowa and Harite to the face. There was this famous incident with Ikioi who used a harite to the face against Kotokanyu, who got angry and punched him after the match in the shitaku-beya, and had to retire as a consequence. Kotokanyu felt that it was undignified, but it was completely legal. This was when both were in Makushita. I believe the same rule applies to nodowa. Both are forbidden to amateurs for reasons of safety.


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