Wakichiro (若一郎) Rematch Against Kenshin Day 9


Tachiai’s favorite Jonidan rikishi is back on the dohyo day 9 for his 5th match. His opponent is Sakaigawa heya’s Kenshin, who Wakaichiro lost on day 11 of the new years basho. Wakaichiro had some mixed feelings about his performance during the Natsu basho, and I am certain he is eager to even the score.

With both rikishi entering the match at 3-1, the winner will pick up an early kachi-koshi and improve their chances of promotion to Sandanme for the Aki tournament in Tokyo in September. Kenshin is a Sandanme veteran looking to battle back to that division, Wakaichiro is a dedicated young man on an upward trajectory.

As with prior matches, we will bring you video as soon as it shows up on Youtube, most likely from One And Only’s feed.

3 thoughts on “Wakichiro (若一郎) Rematch Against Kenshin Day 9

  1. Should be a good test. I think Kenshin’s somewhat better than his present ranking implies, so that would possibly be Wakaichiro’s biggest win yet.

  2. I am hoping that Wakaichiro can stay moving forward this time. And you are right, this will be a very good test for him.

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