Wakaichiro (若一郎) Loses 4th Match

On day 8, American sumotori Wakaichiro (若一郎) faced Takaseiryu, a veteran of sumo’s lower ranks. With 3 matches to go for Natsu, Wakaichiro’s record is now 2-2, with plenty of room to secure a winning kachi-koshi record. Takaseiryu scored the win via okuridashi, when Wakaichiro got turned around and forced out from behind.

We wish Wakaichro good fortune in his remaining 3 matches.

2 thoughts on “Wakaichiro (若一郎) Loses 4th Match

  1. Mew! I know, there’s still opportunities to be KK, but I still don’t like to see our guy lose. Thank you for posting this!


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