Natsu Story 2 – Wakaichiro’s (若一郎) Jonidan Debut


American Sumotori Advances To Second Division

The team at Tachiai are shameless boosters of Wakaichiro, a young man from Texas who has chosen the difficult path entering professional sumo. After his first two tournaments, he has earned a promotion out of the starter league of Jonikuchi, and is now ranked 52 East in the second division, Jonidan.

Jonidan is a much larger division that Jonikuchi, with 220 rikishi slated to compete for the Natsu tournament. Wakaichiro will face a tougher grade of opponents, though he did face some men who were re-starting their sumo careers after injury or absence.

Word from the Mushashigawa beya is that Wakaichiro has been training hard, and is eager for his first bouts. A winning record this tournament will likely result in a second tournament in the top third of Jonidan, and a possible promotion to Sandanme.

As always, Tachiai will be brining you all of the news, and video when we can find it, from Wakaichiro’s matches.

5 thoughts on “Natsu Story 2 – Wakaichiro’s (若一郎) Jonidan Debut

  1. I am so absolutely squee about this that it’s crazy! I want to see more vids of Wakaichiro kicking tushie out there — what kind of protocol is there for interviewing folks? I mean – could we interview him because presumably he speaks English?

  2. So I would love to talk to him on camera, but he’s actually a fairly decent, modest guy. Plus basho time is work time for the rikishi. I will see if I can get some of his time, but I am going to guess not.

    • Do make sure you don’t land him (or Musashimaru) in hot water accidentally. I’m not 100% positive, but media appearances by low-ranked rikishi may need Kyokai approval.

      Jd52 should be a nice test for him. There are a handful of sandanme-quality rikishi around him who’ve fallen down after absences, if he can avoid running into too many of those a kachikoshi should be possible. BTW, 110 rikishi? :)

      • Yeah that should be 220 rikishi in 110 ranks. It’s been a rough day! And yeah, I would not want to do anything to imperil any sumotori. I am mostly there to watch sumo and enjoy.

  3. Hey everyone! I really do wish Wakaichiro the best. The young man is really coming into his own. From what I have read, heard and seen — being a sumotori is not easy! But he’s embracing an lifestyle that can be enriching in many, many ways — so I do hope he stays healthy and strong as he makes his way up the ladder.


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