Wakaichiro (若一郎) Wins Fifth Bout, Secures Kachi-Koshi


Likely To Be Promoted To Jonidan In May

Late Monday word came from Japan that American sumotori, Wakaichiro (若一郎) – From the great state of Texas no less, has secured a winning record in his second tournament. This is no small feat, and indicates a likely promotion to the second division, Jonidan, for the May tournament in Tokyo.

Wakaichiro defeated Toranofuji to secure his winning record, that currently stands at an excellent 4-1. Wakaichiro has 2 bouts remaining, where winning would further secure his promotion to Sumo’s next highest division.

Tachiai recognizes Wakaichiro’s hard work and dedication, along with the work the Mushashigawa coaches and staff have put towards his progression in Sumo.

Congratulations and well done, we look forward to his remaining 2 matches in Osaka, with high hopes for Tokyo in May.

*Note – as of Monday PM US time, there was no video of this match available yet.

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