Video of Wakaichiro’s (若一郎) Kachi-Koshi Win

As we reported last night, early in day 10 of the Haru basho, American sumotori Wakaichiro defeated Isegahama heya’s Toranofuji, securing a winning record for the tournament. Above is video of the bout, and it leaves no doubt that Wakaichiro was in total control from the tachiai, and won decisively.

Wakaichiro has 2 bouts remaining for this tournament, and additional wins will further secure his promotion to the next highest division, Jonidan for the May tournament in Tokyo.

2 thoughts on “Video of Wakaichiro’s (若一郎) Kachi-Koshi Win

  1. If he stays healthy and hungry…perhaps he can make it to Juryo and then the Makuuchi ranks in no time at all. Depends on how badly he would want this. I see a lot of promise for Waka.


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