Wakaichiro (若一郎) Wins Day 7

In the Saturday morning action, American sumotori Wakaichiro won his fourth match against Suzuki via frontal push out (oshidashi). This brings Wakaichiro’s record to 3-1 for the Haru basho, one win away from a majority winning record (kachi-koshi).

It was a decent bout with some good action, wiht Wakaichiro clearly in control, and he seems genuinely very happy with his win.

7 thoughts on “Wakaichiro (若一郎) Wins Day 7

    • Yeah, it’s fun to see how excited he is just after the win. I am sure at some time they will admonish him to be more stoic, but the Jonokuchi guys are just starting out, so they give them some leeway.

  1. I really like this kid! From an American aspect: hopefully he can go super-far! The sky’s the limit for Wakaichiro.


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