Wakaichiro (若一郎) Back In Action Day 7


Faces Jonokuchi #12 Suzuki

Texas sumotori Wakaichiro (2-1) has his fourth bout early Saturday against another veteran of the Jonokuchi and Jonidan ranks. As is sometimes the case, a rikishi starts out in Jonokuchi, gets promoted up one division to Jonidan, but can never quote secure promotion to Sandanme. These rikishi bounce around the lower two divisions, often for several years. This is the case with Wakaichiro’s opponent Suzuki. He joined sumo in 2014, and has yet to rise to Sandanme. This means he has a great amount of experience and may present some challenges to Wakaichiro, who is only fighting in his second tournament.

Tachiai expected Suzuki to come off the line quickly and open up a fierce thrusting attack. As always, we will bring you news and video of Wakaichiro’s bout as soon as it becomes available.

2 thoughts on “Wakaichiro (若一郎) Back In Action Day 7

  1. It has to take incredible courage and fortitude for a kid from the U.S. — especially Texas — to put up with the conditions in a heya and keep pushing on. More credit to him! I wish there was some way we could convey our support.

    • Completely agree with your sentiments. I recently had the chance to carry on a brief conversation with him via Twitter. He seems a genuine guy and was surprised that he has fans in the US who actually know what he is doing. Surprised and humbled. I am hoping that we don’t spook him too much, as he has a lot to worry about, but maybe later once he earns higher rank, we can find ways to let him know he has fans.


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