Wakaichiro (若一郎) Wins Day 1 Bout

Wins by Tsukidashi

Early on Sunday, American sumotori Wakaichiro defeated Shunpo, his opponent in his frist bout of the Haru basho. First tachiai ended with a Matta, but the second one resulted in a really straight forward tsukidashi. Video of the match below

4 thoughts on “Wakaichiro (若一郎) Wins Day 1 Bout

  1. At the end of the video (so before the next fight), the Gyoji is making some sort of call out which I believe they do before every match – do you know what they are saying when they do this?

  2. God I wish I could speak Japanese, Tom — but no idea on that one. Perhaps someone will answer that for you (Bruce H? Andy?). But Wakaichiro had a nice win to start off this basho. Let’s see if he can keep it up.

  3. Sorry, to answer the question. There is an announcement of the name of the winning rikishi, his stable and the winning move. At that point the usher starts to announce the next two rikishi to engage in combat.


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